FIRCOSOFT : The reat-time solution against fraud for a 360 protection

As a recognized market leader of watch list filtering solutions, FIRCOSOFT is the most effective protection system against fraud. With its powerful customer and transaction screening solutions, FIRCOSOFT will help you achieve the highest standard regarding risk mitigation and regulatory protection to your institutions and your customers.

 FIRCOSOFT Trust: the safest way to shake hands around the globe

When it comes to creating a partnership or delivering sensitive information to third parties, the last thing you want is to place your trust in the wrong hands: being blindsided, even once, can lead to catastrophic consequences to your institutions and your customers. Years of commitment and hardship are jeopardized by a single malevolent entity.

This nightmarish scenario is, unfortunately, the fruit of a complicated reality where every transaction, every stream of data is a potential source of misfortune, even for the most hardened navigator. This why you need a reliable compass to help you choose the right direction and avoid the dangers lying just under the surface.

With  FIRCOSOFT Trust, you won’t need to explore the path as it unfolds in front of you: by regularly and automatically screening every single account interacting with your services and your systems, dangers will be spotted before they even become a threat.

Every financial institution, from the union to the corporate and the multinational bank, will benefits from FIRCOSOFT Trust highly flexible platform by reducing risk, operating cost, and streamlining processes.

 FIRCOSOFT  Continuity: the next generation of regulation-compliant transaction screenings

In this new era of real-time payment and lightning-fast data transfer where thousands of operations happen every second, every transaction is a bullet train likely to be hijacked and derailed. And when it doesn’t arrive at its destination on schedule, there’s no time to call back the conductor and stop the engine: the cargo is already gone, along with the trust of your customers. Since there is so much to do and so little time to do it, you need to be sure that the payload will reach the drop zone before it even leaves the station.

You need the world-leading failsafe: FIRCOSOFT Continuity.

Capable of flawless real-time screening and functional flexibility to fit your needs, FIRCOSOFT Continuity protects your interest and those of your clients by identifying and neutralizing risks while maintaining the highest regulation standards, thus keeping your operating cost low and your public status spotless. FIRCOSOFT Continuity also provides comprehensive data to ease regulators' and auditors' work as well as giving the means for more strategic decisions.