Expertus SWIFT service bureau

A fraction of the requirement.
Unparalleled speed and safety around the world.

The infrastructure needed to connect your bank to worldwide entities can be time and cost consuming:  daily operations, security, and technical maintenance, software updates for regulation compliance, little things that become over time an unwanted burden to those who want to establish a domestic or an international presence.

But how can financial institutions achieve the highest performance for the lowest operating cost while complying with the highest security standard?  

This is where SWIFT comes into play: a gigantic network interconnecting financial institutions of all sorts around the world through the most secure and the most reliable messaging system existing to date.

Knowing that a Global Banking Platform must safely reach bank accounts for payment and information, it is mandatory to achieve this goal by using the most secure and recognized network.

As one of North America's largest Service bureaus, Expertus SWIFT Service Bureau provides connectivity and direct access to the SWIFT services. To ensure its services' quality and efficiency, Expertus is closely regulated and audited by the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications itself. Expertus is a SWIFT SIP 2018 certified organization with the highest SWIFT certifications and is managed by SWIFT certified experts.

This collaboration guarantees the implementation of the highest industry standards and regular system and infrastructure checks and upgrades, thus ensuring an always adapting protection against threats and a leading position regarding industry requirements. All physical and logical access to the service bureau and its robust and fully redundant data centers are controlled and audited to ensure compliance with the SIP (SWIFT Infrastructure Program).

Do you need more information about SWIFT safety performances? Expertus representatives are here to help.  

Let’s see how Expertus SWIFT Services Bureau can help you achieve your business goals in terms of protection and performance:

SAA-SWIFT Alliance Access

Implementing a new system into your current framework can be costly and time-consuming.

But it doesn’t have to be.

The SWIFT Alliance Access (SWIFT's prime messaging interface) is designed to connect customers' business applications to SWIFT messaging services. It provides various host adapters to connect to a range of back-office applications developed by SWIFT, the client, or third parties for which customized integration is possible.

SAG-SWIFT Alliance Gateway

More tools mean more adaptive capabilities.

Alliance Gateway is a software package installed on top of SWIFTNet Link (the system that provides the basic set of network connection services). Alliance Gateway enables application-to-application communication, facilitates connectivity to the SWIFT secure IP network, and can also act as a concentrator of SWIFTNet message flow, whereby multiple business users connect through Alliance Gateway to SWIFTNet.

With SWIFT Alliance Gateway, you also get the following services :

  • SWIFT Addon Services: Working as a middleware, Swift Addon Services is specifically designed to integrate your applications directly to SWIFT. This service enables disparate software to work together on the same network.
  • Managed File Transfert Solution: A solution to facilitate data exchange between your organization and the SWIFT Bureau while assuring total SWIFT compliance.
  • Websphere MQ: IBM MQ technology is the perfect solution to connect the different systems with different architecture across the globe without any loss of speed.
  • Swift IPLA: Swift Alliance Access Integration Plateform (IPLA for short) is an optional communication tool that connects SWIFT users directly to back-office systems, which is extremely useful when dealing with different formats of messages.