Expand your operations around the globe without multiplying the risks (and costs)

Money never sleeps.
It doesn’t mean you have to

Creating a solid network is only as efficient as the tools you use to build it. It is no secret that dealing with data in an industry where safety measures and procedures are among the world's highest can be a demanding feat, especially when dealing with international clients. Almost every financial institution uses customized systems. Accessing them (whether for money transfer or information exchange) while complying with their own security and formatting protocols will more often than not result in a time-consuming effort. Working without interconnected platforms also prevents you from building an overview of liquidity and other key performance indicators—all essential parameters needed to take strategic action to optimize your client’s financial decisions.

This is why a single, robust and versatile module capable of giving you the efficiency of direct access is a must-have in your day-to-day operations.

Introducing One Secure Access, the One Ring to rule the middle earth of financial information systems.

As globalization and connectivity are growing faster than ever, keeping up with technology while giving the best services to your customers is a challenging task. One Secure Access is there to remove the heavy lifting of connecting through your financial partners' every single banking portal.

One Secure Access enables financial institutions to offer value-added services with the power of automation

  • Access to all of your bank balances across multiple financial institutions and countries around the world.
  • Automate the entire process of initiation payments to automatic reconciliation
  • Eliminate checks and optimize cash management through Cash Pooling and Cash Forecasting tools
  • Centralize controls and audits
  • Process any payment format from multiple ERP and settlement systems of companies and send them to banks or directly to SWIFT
  • Meet the growing needs of businesses and regulatory requirements.

Enhanced operational efficiency. Amazing customer experience. Instantaneous results.

With Blockchain technology enabling real-time payment exchange, Expertus gives you more transparency on the financial landscape. The One Secure Access dashboard allows you to track in real-time every transaction, from initiation to settlement.

While the competition only offers the traditional way to move intra-company funds using payment templates, Expertus provides a user-friendly way to transfer funds: the good old drag and drop system. Take the fund you want to move (from one to multiple accounts or from multiple accounts to one), drop it at the appropriate destination, and the right payment type will automatically be generated.