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Native cloud software: the quiet storm that provides lightning-fast results

Providing an immediate response to a very specific demand can challenge, especially when your set of tools solves only a limited range of problems. Overcoming limitations (whether it’s knowledge, capacity, or resource) can rapidly become a logistical, technological, or financial endeavour. And with time as a factor, the stakes become only greater. If you are fortunate enough, breaking through the existing barriers of your organization may cause rewarding innovation, but such a process is extremely demanding, especially when change and instability is part of your company’s ecosystem.

Since a problem or a demand is rarely unique, chances are someone, somewhere, has already found the answer, generating highly valuable knowledge that could create another innovative solution, giving the right circumstances.

This brings an important question: how can you use (or share) this knowledge while protecting business intelligence without losing competitive advantage, and still provide unique and high-value services?

With adaptive modularity and real-time deployment powered by cloud computing technologies.

Adaptive modularity, sped up development, endless possibilities

Let’s get back to the tool analogy from earlier: the field of application of an instrument is limited by its function, which is itself determined by its structure. Since the structure is usually a very stable entity resistant to change (the code of a software, per example), only a very specialized individual can operate modifications without compromising the system’s integrity. For a structure to be flexible, it needs autonomous components capable of being rearranged without losing their capacity to interact with one another. This is where modularity becomes handy: blocks that can perform unfamiliar tasks depending on their final configuration. But modularity itself won’t solve everything. The same “structure upon function” principle still applies only at a smaller level. By integrating these modules in an environment where the knowledge gained by all users is gathered and processed, you gain the ability to develop new autonomous components capable of fitting with the whole while answering real, tangible market needs the moment they appear. This is the adaptive dimension of modularity.

Expertus Payment Solution, a native cloud solution with lightning-fast onboarding time and true flexibility, is based on this groundbreaking innovation: not only does it evolve with its users, it accelerates transformation through real-time deployment. Its holistic construct allows the knowledge acquired with every user interaction to be shared and used in unique ways while creating amazing results.

See how you can be a part of the cloud revolution: contact our team, and harness the power of this “quiet” storm.