Performance through adaptivity

How Expertus’s solutions bring the best of your operations while working in harmony with your current architecture

Expertus offers a vast array of products to help you achieve your operational and business goals on a day-to-day basis. With our cloud-based software, we can give you the right tools and deploy it to fit your needs when they occur. To ensure performance and safety compliance, we’ve created a spiderweb-like architecture using a core and a set of perispherical systems that can but switched on and offline at a moment’s notice.

The core of our services is called Payment processing. This PaaS act as an engine that orchestrates, validates and settles all the operations of every subsystem linked to it. These subsystems are divided into the following additional services category that can be added to the core to enrich the architecture: Digital channels, Core Banking, Fraud and Compliance, Data Management, and Output Channels.

Digitals channels

Empowering your users should be a part of your conversion strategy. To facilitate the interaction between your institution and your customers, Expertus has created two sets of tools that focus on delivering the best client experience by offering fully integrated channels to back-end payment processing: one for banks (including Payment Initiation and Case Management), and one for corporate (including Corporate Cash Management and Corporate Payments).

Payment Initiation

Offering integration and open banking capabilities, this self serve application is available to customers and staff for payment initiation, tracking, and automation.

Case Management

Regardless of the issue’s nature, the case management product will help you resolve any finance-related problems with a fully integrated Financial Investigation application capable of fitting perfectly into your payment ecosystem for acceleration and resolution.

Corporate Cash Management

Looking for enhanced visibility on your accounts worldwide? The Corporate Cash Management offers a centralized real-time view of your liquidity, leading to better decision making and increased savings.

Corporate Payments

Tired of manual work? Corporate Payment is a white-label payment platform solution allowing you to automate the entire process of payment initiation and reconciliation while increasing the Straight-through processing rate.

Core banking

When implementing a new service into your ecosystem, the last you want is to rebuild your architecture from scratch. Core Banking enables integration with the financial institution's central applications to automate End-to-End payment processing.

Fraud and compliance

This advanced security service ensures systems compliance with regulatory and policy constraints by implementing Anti-Money Laundering screening, fraud detection mechanisms, and regulatory reporting.

Data management

Our data management product centralizes your information (whether it be from ref data to archiving) to allow enrichment and automated reconciliation.

Output channels

There is a road for every destination: you just need the right rails to get your train moving. With our output channels, Expertus can support multiple payment rails to allow specific payments-to-correspondents routes while giving you the mean to select the optimal cost/speed ratio. Expertus achieve this operation by using the power of SWIFT, MI, and Correspondents, as well as other payment rails.


Expertus gives you fully managed access to the world-renowned SWIFT platform, giving you the means to send financial messages all around the globe with an efficient and secure channel.

Other payment rails

As new technologies emerge, new rails become available to support your payment processes. At Expertus, we make sure to master these innovations (like Blockchain-powered Ripple/IIN, real-time payment networks, Open Banking APIs) to give you the best available solution to your financial institutions.




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