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The Journey to a Successful Customer Experience - Episode 3

The Journey to a Successful Customer Experience - Podcast Series

Developers' Perspective on Customer Experience

About the episode 
The development and technology department have an important role in delivering a successful customer experience. Trust, transparency, and engagement from developers are crucial for having satisfied and happy customers. In this episode, we   will   show   how   developers   at   Expertus,   an   IBM company   work   to   build   a   unique   experience   for customers. 


Rayhane Dhaouadi, Lead of Marketing and Communications (Host) 
Cam Anderson, Delivery Lead (Guest) 

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Here are the highlights of our conversation

How developers keep up with the latest innovative technology 
Cam Anderson: Continuous learning is highly encouraged in our ecosystem. In order for us to stay on top of the competitive market, we have a learning & knowledge program where we do have access to many technical courses along with many cloud courses such as AWS cloud, Azure cloud, Google cloud and IBM Cloud. We have many cloud practices within our company that can assist employees to pursue education based on their interest. Our courses are offered with in-class instructors or online virtual instructors’. We want an opportunity where we want to make it very flexible as possible to accommodate our employees to learn. We do have a blueprint series where our technical employees can join to participate in various technical topics that may be of an interested to them. In addition, we have many other weekly briefings on topics ranging from development, automation, infrastructure, and cloud. In addition to that, we received fintech weekly news to keep our employees abreast of the trends in the payment industry because that’s where we are, that’s our focus. Annually we have technical leadership program where employees can register to listen in on various technical topics.

Making the experience more valuable for customers 
Cam Anderson: In any relationship over the years in IT, transparency is the best way to build trust. Regardless of its whether between teams, or even between clients. Trust is a very important aspect to us. We share our development timelines to the client and communicate any dependencies that we may have from the client. Part of the delivery, we host calls to review the project status, we discuss risks and issues and offer mitigation as appropriate. We conduct demos of our products to our clients and prioritize our development base on their feedback. For those clients where their projects are already in production, our Operations team host monthly governance calls to share the monthly outstanding tickets, our SLAs on various tickets and advise clients of any upcoming maintenance or security patches and discuss any concerns that the client may have. We not only try to deliver transparency during the project timeline, but we also make sure we follow that after things goes into production and make sure we got a 100% of client satisfaction with our Operations team.  

Things that set you apart from competitors 
Cam Anderson: We are set apart from our competitors as we have the industry’s most modern, robust, and open payments technology platform completed from an end-to-end payment service. We do offer advisory service, integration and manage technology and business operations for financial institutions, big and small. We have a very strong brand where the innovation is at the core of our business.? Payment is a very large solution. However, our development approach to leverage agile methodology to reduce the time to market. In 2020, we were nominated as the Canadian Fintech of the year. We were the first 3rd party application to integrate with Ripple and use Blockchain technology to process cross border payments. We are also the first SWIFT certified integrator in North America. Just to share some statistics, we processed more than 18.2M payment transactions in 2019 with a daily average value of $25B. To us, we value transparency, our focus is on the forefront of our business. To us, a happy client is a returning client, and that’s how we differentiate ourselves. This is how our business is unique.  

About the Podcast
Our podcast series highlights the journey of customers at Expertus, an IBM Company. In each episode, we discuss the customer experience from different perspective, by sharing how we deliver a unique experience for our customers.

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