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The Journey to a Successful Customer Experience - Episode 1

The Journey to a Successful Customer Experience - Podcast Series

Building Good Relationships with Customers

About the episode
The Operations & Support department objective is to create the highest level of efficiency in the organization. The department is responsible that the customers’ orders and demands are being filled on time. In this episode, we will highlight the role of the Operations & Support department at Expertus, and will show some tips for a good relationship with customers.


Rayhane Dhaouadi, Lead of Marketing and Communications (Podcast Host)
Naderge Jean-Louis, Coordinator, IT Operations team (Guest)

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Here are the highlights of our conversation.

The role of the Operations & Support department at Expertus, an IBM company

Naderge Jean-Louis:
The operations department ensures that the production process is completed from start to finish. These production processes need to line up with the goals and functions of other departments within the company. We are supporting the customers on Expertus suite of payments and cash management applications.

A good collaboration between the department’s team members

Naderge Jean-Louis:
We have a culture of mutual support within the team. We ensure a good collaboration by making teamwork one of our core department values. We have also a meeting every morning. The team members share their goals for the day, mention any good moves, problems or challenges and ask for help from their teammates. It is a good moment of sharing that allows everyone to exchange.

Delivering a good customer experience and meeting customers’ expectations

Naderge Jean-Louis:
To have a good customer experience, we must adjust the way we communicate for each customer. Each customer is unique. We must not be afraid to rephrase requests to make sure we have understood, and if necessary, ask for clarification. Also, we must know our customers, what’s their needs, their goals, so we can provide better services and add value to them.

Naderge Jean-Louis:
The basis of the service we offer to each customer is defined by a contract. The operations team follows this contract to provide the level of service expected by the customer.  We have SLA's and KPI's that we must respect, this serves as a baseline for the quality of service that we deliver to customers. We also have regular meetings with the customers to review the operations activities. These regular meetings are also a forum for the customers to give us their opinion.

Investing in customer experience

Naderge Jean-Louis:
Investing in customer relations is very beneficial. It allows us to better understand their needs, to have a good relationship between the customers and the operations team. This also facilitates teamwork with the customers.

Customers’ feedback

Naderge Jean-Louis:
The ticketing system is the main communication channel with the customers. Before closing a ticket, we always ask the customer if he is satisfied with the ticket and if we can close it. This is a way to make sure that we have their feedback on the services. We also have clients who have monthly meetings, during which we take the time to ask for their feedback as well. If we have negative feedback, we work with the customer to find how we can improve the customer service.

Rayhane Dhaouadi: And again, communication comes back, right?

Naderge Jean-Louis:
Yes, this is the key.

Rayhane Dhaouadi:
  It’s the key to maintain every relationship, especially professionally. As long as the customer talk to you, I think we can solve any issue, and any negative feedback or negative experience.  

About the Podcast
Our podcast series highlights the journey of customers at Expertus, an IBM Company. In each episode, we discuss the customer experience from different perspective, by sharing how we deliver a unique experience for our customers.

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