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We know what you are thinking: how can an IT company use such a bold statement? Isn’t it a bit counter-intuitive?

We beg to differ.

Technology alone doesn’t change the world. The people who build it do through abstract thinking, problem solving, creativity and empathy. The systems and devices connecting the world altogether may be inanimate and ruled by the logic of mathematics and cybernetics. Still, they aren’t neutral: they result from a coalescence of visions and convictions, materialized by the combined efforts of countless individuals. This is why we cannot blindly navigate the digits without understanding the human motives behind it… and why we need a team of passionate people to see past the digital realm. We need individuals capable of understanding the code behind the code and achieving the real objective of technological advancement: to connect and resonate with each other.

End of existential statement.

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You don’t have to take our word for it : click here and see what the real Expertus experience looks like according to those who live it everyday.

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Careers at Expertus: A human approach to a technologically driven world

Challenges of all complexities are part of working for a leading tech company, and it will ask you to step out of your comfort zone, right into the unknown [DG2] . Hopefully, there’s nothing like having teammates looking to help each other whenever the opportunity arises: ready to find new and innovative ways of solving a problem without the standard operating manual.

Expertus’ agile work environment is the place where all this magic happens.

A lot will be asked of you, but always with your interests and will in mind. Since the complementarity of our differences makes us into a more adaptive and proactive organization, new ideas are always welcome. We believe in a culture that acknowledges and nurtures the importance of allying well-being and professional life. We see success not only as a result but as a continuing process. As for the perks, Expertus offers way more than just a cozy desk.


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