Expertus is a Great Place To Work .

After a thorough and independent analysis conducted by Great Place to Work® Institute Canada, Expertus Technologies is proud to announce that we have been certified as a Great Place to Work®.


Expertus: Pioneer in The Fintech industry

Expertus is a leader in the Canadian FinTech industry, providing innovative payment platforms to the worldwide financial community ecosystem. 

Expertus offers distinctive capabilities to financial institutions, investment managers, corporates, regulatory agencies and market infrastructures, since 2001.

A word from our CEO

Our company is driven by its culture. We believe that with a motivated and engaged team, success is inevitable.

At Expertus, it is important for us to encourage the growth and the flourishing of our talents. 

My vision/goal/vision has always been to give the opportunity to the youth to innovate and create. 

I believe Expertus is a company where culture revolves around its People. 

Jacques Leblanc

— Jacques Leblanc, CEO & Founder

In The Heart of Digital Transformation


The financial industry is experiencing a profound and worldwide transformation that affects the technological, regulatory, and business aspects simultaneously. 

Banks need to speed up their modernization process by embracing digital transformation and adopting cloud solutions.

To succeed in their digital transformation, they are partnering with Fintech companies, such as Expertus Technologies.

Expertus helps its partners and clients to experiment with a wide range of solutions with innovative technologies embedded in the operational reality of the banking market and perfectly integrating security and compliance aspects.



An exciting adventure where each Expertusien/ne is going to grow, blossom and become the best version of himself/herself while developing his/her leadership.

Expertus is organized around its employees' and customers’ well-being and culture. 

Expertus welcomes the world in all its richness and diversity, allowing it to open up to new perspectives and remain innovative in its approach.

Joining Expertus means sharing an exhilarating adventure with seasoned and passionate visionaries, having a developed team spirit, being daring, being curious and being open to the field of possibilities.

Expertus invites you to discover this odyssey by exploring the positions available. Our team is always on the lookout for rare gems, so even if the posted jobs don't match your profile, contact us!

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Our solutions

Credit Unions

Credit Unions

In need of a higher conversion rate?

Enhance your customer’s experience.

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The financial world is facing perpetual change:

Struggling to keep up with our world of rapid, successive, and complex changes to which you must adapt to stay afloat? 

Our solutions adapt to the market's evolution.


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Enhanced Customer Experience: Looking to differentiate yourself from the competition?

Empower your users through our easy to use innovative solutions.

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Why choose us

Credibility & Trust

Credibility & Trust

With 20 years of experience in financial technology, Expertus has proven itself many times over. Our vast experience with numerous clients of all sizes gives us the insight to understand your needs, whoever you are.

Security & Compliance:

Security & Compliance:

Expertus Technologies is the only SWIFT certified company in Canada, the highest standards of security and regulatory requirements in the world. We put security above all else, using bleeding-edge testing technology and safety protocols to ensure the most secure solutions for your company. Expertus is a key partner to protect your data, privacy and infrastructures.

Experience & Expertise

Experience & Expertise

Expertus has technical knowledge which is considered among the best in Canada. Through design thinking and innovation leadership, we create the right circumstances to reach beyond your initial goals.

Stories from our clients


We have been an Expertus client since 2008, first with acquiring their expertise when the Bank decided to use Swift again for payment messages, as they were the only Swift Certified Service Bureau in Toronto that I could find. With Expertus knowledgeable staff and with our Bank’s customized business requirements, they were able to onboard Swift with no issues.
In 2017, we decided to move to full Expertus Swift Service Bureau and managing and supporting the Bank’s Swift payment system including hosting FircoContinuity as well as the Expertus Payment Hub, which process our ACH payments.Expertus support turnaround is quick and remediation to issues are normally resolved within an hour, hence the Bank not losing any productivity and
meeting scheduled deadline processes. Although, there is only one time that it went passed the 1 hour however, this is out of Expertus control and 1 major issue in the last 12 years!

Thank you Expertus for the 12 years that we had worked together, having a lot of patience with our out of the norm requests! I can safely say. I will give Expertus 5 stars.

— Marissa Carino , Mizuho


Employees working for Expertus have shown us on a consistent basis that they are collaborative, transparent and adaptable. Above-and-beyond the employee commitment, Expertus as a whole is a valued vendor striving to achieve a shared objective in the stabilization and optimization of our current payment systems. I will give Expertus 5 stars.

— Manny Di Vincenzo, National Bank of Canada